drying systems Mammoth Ear Air Dryer
Mammoth Ear Air Dryer

Why Choose Sonny's Mammoth™ Air Drying System?

2018 New Innovation

New Pivoting Option

New pivoting action changes the orientation of the air drying system towards the exit of the tunnel as the car passes by, effectively drying the rear glass and bumpers of cars, trucks, and SUVs at conveyor speeds up to 140 cars per hour!

Sonny's Mammoth™ Air Drying System features a compact blower that dries the side of a vehicle from the wheel to the top of the highest SUV – the ideal primary side drying solution for short tunnels as well as a perfect finishing dryer for high volume locations.

1. Exclusive manifold design

Exclusive manifold design directs a powerful precise velocity at the discharge of each flexible trunk. It has the strength to dry under mirrors without flipping them.

2. Full range performance

Full range performance eliminates water stuck in seams. Dries rims and tires for improved dressing application.

3. Seamless plastic housing

Seamless plastic housing has no seams or plastic welds that are prone to cracking. Zinc plated steel impellers with backward-curved blades are welded on both sides for durability and available Gator Gate Venturi reduces power consumption between vehicles.

Mammoth Air Drying System Wind Speed

Our Mammoth Blower literally blows our old Elephant Ear Blowers away. Internal manifold design is proven to deliver precise air streams closer to the surface driving more water off vehicles for complete drying on a broader range of profiles.