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Why Choose Sonny's Consulting?

How Much Will My Project Cost?

As former car wash operators ourselves, we understand the unique business challenges that arise from various models, geographies, and competitive environments.

We use the latest technology.

Sonny’s Car Wash Consulting combines the most advanced technologies, including CAD/3D site layouts and predictive modeling to determine where best to break ground on your next project.

We give you unbiased answers.

Our deliverables include comprehensive evaluations of your site, car wash equipment, controls, chemistry, applicators, and/or water management systems, prioritizing the actions that will contribute to improved wash consistency and performance.


Car Wash Site Evaluation:

Evaluation and written analysis of the market demographics, competition, and necessary site improvements to calculate a property’s potential ROI. You will know exactly what you are purchasing, what needs to be repaired, and the costs associated with those repairs in order to make an informed business decision.

“Thank you. Your detailed report helped me to reach a buying decision.”

- Dave Baum

Car Wash Equipment Audit:

Audit of your equipment, controls, chemistry, application, and water management systems. You’ll receive a comprehensive written, unbiased report that prioritizes actions to elevate wash performance and consistency with recommendations for refurbishing or re-equipping your wash to operate at optimum efficiency.

“After our equipment audit, we finally had the answers to our issues. We were able to get the majority of the problems fixed on our own.”

- Jonathan Johns

CAD/3-D Tunnel Layouts

Visualize how your tunnel will appear well before construction begins.

Pro forma Projections

Evaluate when your business will break even and develop a growth plan.

Pre-Construction Meetings

Get the information you need to conduct pre-construction meetings and avoid project delays.

The Car Wash Book

Looking to Plan, Evaluate, & Invest in The Car Wash Industry?

We wrote the book!

Each short chapter is complete with templates and examples derived from real-world businesses, helping you to answer the five most common questions asked by car wash business investors:

  • Can you afford to open a car wash?
  • Is car washing profitable?
  • Should you build or acquire your business?
  • How do you deliver a consistent, quality service?
  • How should you structure and market your business?
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