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Sonny's Vacuums

Set it and forget it

The industry's best-selling central vacuum with professional grade durability to maximize uptime.

OneWash Choice™ Member Benefits

  • FREE Annual Turbine Swap or $2,000 Credit on a Vacuum System Purchase

Why Choose Sonny's Vacuums?


An available four-step filtration and separation process reduces clogging, which improves the vacuum system’s turbine performance and increases your time between maintenance intervals.

Lower Utility

High-speed balanced impellers power up to 14 drops on a single ultra-efficient producer, delivering optimized performance while simultaneously reducing utility expenses.

Exclusive Turbine
Swap Program

In the rare event that you experience diminished performance, we’ll ship you a replacement turbine to keep your services up and running while yours is being serviced.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our design team will craft a custom site layout with optimized customer flow, improving both throughput and customer satisfaction. Every aspect of your vacuum stations – from the attractive canopy systems to the Sonny’s-exclusive crevice-claw, durable mat cleaners, point-of-use cyclone separators, and branded trash receptacles are designed to create an elevated customer experience that will convert passers by to loyal fans.


Central Vacuum Turbines

Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Separator

Central Vacuum

Vacuum Boom Canopies

Vacuum Boom

VAC2500 Vacuum Boom

VAC2500 Vacuum

65 degree Vacuum Boom

65° Vacuum

Double Drop Vacuum Boom

Double Drop
Vacuum Boom

Vacuum Boom Accessories

Vacuum Boom

Wet/Dry Vacuums


Central Vacuum Parts

Vacuum Express Claw w/Bracket and Holster Crevice Tool Holster w/SS Bracket Only Vacuum Crevice Tool 1-1/2in O.D. Orange Hose, Vacuum 1.5in x 45ft Magnum Yellow Hose, Vacuum 2in x 30ft Magnum Gray Hose, Vacuum 2in x 30ft Magnum Black Hose, Vacuum 1.5in x 45ft Magnum Blue Vac Cuff Regular 2in Gray VC200R Hose-to-Valve Adapter 1-1/2in VA150 Inlet Valve 2in MPT Spring Loaded V1215

Canopy Configurations

Full-Serve 100ft *

6 Free-Vacuum Spaces
6 Free-Vacuum Spaces

Flex-Serve 80ft *

8 Free-Vacuum Spaces
8 Free-Vacuum Spaces

Express-Exterior 60ft *

15 Free-Vacuum Spaces
15 Free-Vacuum Spaces
*These vacuum canopy configurations represent only a sampling of many different configurations based on site layout, wash format, and tunnel length.
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