support equipment tunnel controls Car Wash POS Management System
Car Wash POS Management System

Why Choose Sonny’s POS and Back-Office Management System?

1. It's easy.

Our POS system was designed from the ground up with an intuitive simple-to-use interface, enabling you and your team to focus on managing your locations.

2. It's secure.

Stay secure with the only Linux Point-of-Sale system in the car wash industry, making you less vulnerable to internal and external security threats.

3. It's complete.

Engineered with state-of-the-art technologies, Sonny’s POS and back-office management system comes with everything you need to increase revenue, manage operations and cut costs.

Control Your Profitability With SONNY'S Point of Sale

SONNY'S Point of Sale is a full-featured car wash computer system that can help you grow your car wash business. Designed exclusively for the car wash industry with input from experienced real-world operators, this high-performance car wash point-of-sale (POS) computer system comes complete with features designed to help you maximize your site's profitability, including cash flow management, employee scheduling, VIP club membership programs, house / fleet accounts, online shopping (e-Commerce), and more!

SONNY'S CarWash Controls Provides Affordable Real-Time Management Systems to Increase Uptime, Revenue, and Customer Loyalty While Reducing Operating Costs.