support equipment tunnel controls SONNY'S Pay Station
SONNY'S Pay Station

Why Choose Sonny’s Pay Station?

1. It’s simple.

Sonny’s Pay Station was designed with USB plug-and-play components, so if any hardware fails, replacements are quick and easy. With Sonny’s Pay Station, there’s no more worrying about motherboards, chips or wiring.

2. It’s customizable.

Sonny’s Pay Station includes custom powder-coating and decals to match your brand. Each unit ships with a custom programmed interactive menu to welcome customers and quickly guide them through an intuitive interface to promote your top wash packages and increase your average ticket.

3. It’s comprehensive.

Sonny’s Pay Station does it all. Quickly process cash or credit transactions, sell or redeem unlimited memberships, process house accounts, dispense gift cards and more. All bundled in a stainless steel enclosure designed to protect your investment.