support equipment tunnel controls Sonny's Tunnel Controller
Sonny's Tunnel Controller

Why Choose Sonny‘s PLC Tunnel Controller?

1. It‘s accessible.

The Sonny’s cloud-based Tunnel Controller can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from an internet connected device, giving you the flexibility to make adjustments to the configuration and timing while at the car wash or offsite. With Sonny’s Tunnel Controller you gain real-time insight into unpaid washes triggered by the photoeyes or tunnel entry keypad.

2. It‘s configurable.

Step-by-step guidance allows you to quickly and accurately configure up to 170 functions and 64 inputs. Program anything from mirror bumps to scheduling the activation of irrigation systems. And since Sonny’s PLC Tunnel Controller is cloud-based, you can manage all of your tunnel locations from one simple interface on any device.

3. It‘s reliable.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have been used for years in industrial automation. They are designed to be accurate, maintain uptime and operate in harsh environments. Sonny’s Tunnel Controller utilizes top-of-the-line hardware from leading PLC and industrial automation manufacturers to ensure optimal reliability.

Sonny’s Tunnel Controller

Sonny‘S PLC Tunnel Controller‘s cloud-based configuration allows for easy step-by-step configuration that delivers bullet- proof accuracy and reliability. The compact footprint of 32” x 74” houses a 12” display to toggle relays and monitor your tunnel. Your attendant‘s Entry Station allows them to adjust the tunnel queue on the fly and provides instant insight into any alerts and alarms.