support equipment tunnel controls Truck Bed Retract Automatic Controller
Truck Bed Retract Automatic Controller

Sonny’s Stand-Alone: Truck Bed Retract Controller

Built into Sonny’s PLC Tunnel Controller, this stand-alone Sonny’s Truck Bed Concierge can be added to any tunnel to eliminate the need for a human attendant to retract equipment and is available with standard interface programming for WashPilot, DRB Systems, and ICS controllers. The system uses a sonar sensor with 16 programmable relays that work independently from the tunnel controller to identify both open and covered truck beds. Necessary retracts occur automatically while customers receive the best possible wash. Capable of automatically retracting top brushes, turning off applicators, and activating dryer Gators™ over open truck beds, Truck Bed Concierge saves chemistry, energy, and improves your customer’s experience in the tunnel.